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Dragon boat festival information updated by Team Manager Mary Visser Kerr
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Team Members:
We are using "TeamSnap" application for
managing information and emails about
practices and race events.

BreastStrokes is registered for these 2024 Dragon Boat Festivals

Hope Floats Challenge: August 10, 2024
Event website:
Please check your TeamSnap emails for:
a. Bulletin 1 (emailed June 27)

b. Confirming team members' participation in August 10 and September 14 regattas
(emailed July 10)

c. Waiver process (emailed July 12)
d. Hope Floats weekend: Fire & Ice Opening Celebration - August 9 (emailed July 17)
e. Bulletin 2 (emailed July 17)

Rules of Racing:
All teams will follow Division III rules as outlined in this document:
Dragon Boat Canada's 2023-Rules-of-Racing-v6 (click on title to download)


Stratford Rotary Dragon Boat Festival: September 14, 2024
Event website:

More details to come

BreastStrokes participated in the
Stratford Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday, September 16, 2023.


Race Results
BreastStrokes' times - 500 M: 
1st Race - Qualifying Round: __________   02:53.72
2nd Race - Semi-Final Round: _________   02:51:47
3rd Race - F Division Consolation Final: _   02:50.90 
-- 1st place
Team received medals

Download the PDF file of all race results
Well done, everyone!

BreastStrokes participated in the Stratford Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday, September 17, 2022.

Race Results
BreastStrokes' times - 500 M: 
1st Race - Qualifying Round: __________   02:54.75
2nd Race - Semi-Final Round: _________   02:49.60
3rd Race - D Division Consolation Final: _   02:57.52 

100 M Sprint Challenge - Women:  _____  00:37.02

Download the PDF file of all race results
Well done, everyone!

PAR-Q+ Form for 2024 season
Here is the link to a PDF file:
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+)
then print and submit the hard copy to Team Manager Mary Visser Kerr
or to Captain Shelly Watson
For more information, go to

Anyone who does not have a team uniform and is participating
in a regatta, please wear a red top or t-shirt and black bottoms

Bring to races (good plan for practices, too):

  • changes of clothes and undergarments
  • something waterproof and warm just in case
  • towel
  • 2 pairs of shoes (racing footwear gets wet)
  • a lawnchair, your PFD and paddle
  • sun screen, mosquito repellent, a HAT, and some tylenol or a pain reliever
  • money but not your purse to the race site 
  • Health card and some other critical information in case of emergency
  • some snacks to nibble on after a race or for quick energy before  
  • at least one water (bottle). Usually water is available as you leave the dock after a race.
  • Wipes and hand sanitizer

Commands must be spoken loudly and clearly in order for the entire boat to hear. The steerperson must have full control of the boat at all times to ensure that commands are being heard. The less talking in the boat by paddlers the better.
The following are the commands a steerperson and team members must know.
  • paddles up: Signal for paddlers to assume the paddling position. Paddles should be raised above the water, bodies in position to paddle.
  • take it away: Signal to start paddling
  • stop the boat: Paddlers thrust the paddle blades deep into the water at their hip. This helps the steerer to keep the boat stopped.
  • let it ride: The paddlers stop paddling and rest their paddles on their lap. This is the rest position.
  • flare the boat: The paddles are horizontal with flat blades resting on top of the water to stabilize the boat. This is used when the boat may face a wave or boat wake, or if the steerer is trying to get his/her balance.
  • one minute to start: The starter will send that race within that minute. It could range from 5 seconds to 60 seconds or more. It is the steerer's responsibility to listen to the starter and bring the boat up to the starting line once the starter has said one minute to start. Remember your paddlers will be excited but it is your responsibility to make sure they are quiet and you can hear the starters commands.
  • attention please: This is the steerers cue to tell the paddlers, paddles UP. A good steerperson will have their paddlers ready to go.
  • air horn: This is the starting signal for your paddlers to start paddling.

Responsibilities of the Team Manager are as follows:
* Communicating and distributing team information to all 25 team members
* Gathering and submitting all necessary forms and waivers for the team
* Act as the liaison with the race committee (only the team manager is to speak on behalf of the team members)
* Team conduct and safety of all team members
* Representation at the race meetings scheduled prior to event date

BreastStrokes Team summer training sessions

Our boat is now at Puslinch Lake.
Location - just west of burnt-down Old Marina Restaurant
(click on link below to view Google map and select Puslinch address)
McClintock Dr. R.R. #22, Puslinch Lake, Cambridge
Driving south on Hanlon Expressway, Guelph:
Turn right at County Road 34/Wellington Road 34 (signs for Wellington Road 34 W)
Turn left at County Road 32
Turn left at McClintock Dr

Turn right on Elm St., pass the grove of cedar trees and just a little bit further.

Please bring your own seat cushion / anti-slip strip, paddle and life jacket to practices.


Team members - We are using "TeamSnap" application for emailing about practices and race events.
Have you signed up yet?
Contact Mary Visser Kerr

PRACTICES - subject to Change
Please arrive by 6:15 pm to allow time for warmup and lineups before loading the boat no later than 6:45 pm.
Park your vehicle in the sandy Parking Lot just West of the Old Marina Restaurant and walk to the practice site.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings ~ arrive by 6:15 pm

~ Team members are to indicate their
attendance at practices on TeamSnap

Team equipment:
Anyone who has team equipment (life-jackets, PFDs, Paddles) must return it at the end of the paddling season.
We prefer the jackets to be washed before you return them. Please wash them and return them after your last practice.

Practice @ Puslinch Lake is 45 - 60 minutes,
depending on conditions and how the team feels.
Practice will be held regardless of how many participants are available.
Practice is rain or shine -- only lightning and thunder will cancel practice.

Team members -- please watch for emails from TeamSnap or Twitter announcements (see top of this webpage) as late as 5:00 pm on day of, regarding cancellation due to weather.



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Our Heartfelt Appreciation to
Nathalie Lemieux and Dean Chan
for generously hosting our
team website
for many years


BreastStrokes is pleased to present Charitable Gaming. Community Good.

This new brand name and logo represents the good works in part,
that happen locally as a result of
our participation in
Charitable Gaming through the
Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre.

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Thank You
for being one of our Supporters!

Donation of storage space for our team
- equipment,
\ and
- supplies

Thank You
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a Supporter!

Lindsey and
Ellenor Mayot,


for donation of
storage space
and repairs for our dragon boat
and trailer

Sincerest Thank You to the McClintock Family
for their support, by permitting our team
to moor at the Puslinch Lake site
during our dragon boat summer seasons
Our Heartfelt Appreciation to the
Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo
for their generous donation in 2012 which helped the
team buy its boat Dragonfly in 2013