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Based in Waterloo-Wellington Region
~ Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas ~



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We dedicate this page to our team members who have died
but live on in our hearts and memories.

Shari Lowe   2002
Margaret Brewer  2004 - One of the 3 founders of this team
Mary Horchak   2006
Myrna Dyson 2010
Gudrun Perin 2011
Allison Armstrong-Kitson 2012
Blanche Vokes 2014
Patricia Krieg 2015
Sharon Currie 2015
Margaret Blatherwick 2016 - One of the 3 founders of this team
Agnes Guillou 2017
Sara McConnell 2019
Ryna Cote 2020
" I feel as though I’ve had another little reprieve. I’m still in the forest and I know there is only one way out.

I haven’t found another little clearing but maybe I’ve found a little grassy path with some flowers growing at the side and with some sun flickering through the trees. "
Margaret Brewer, September 2004


Take it Away!
Words: Deb Schutt, Kingston "Chestmates" member
Music: Stu Woolley

Women of power paddling strong,
Each with a story to share.
Joined in battles – triumphant spirit –
Always a shoulder to spare.

Miracles happen when we pull together.
Dig deep, eyes ahead – all as one!
Miracles in motion, we glide through the water,
Winners of every race run!

Paddles up! Take it away!
Paddles up! Take it away!
And make everyone strong, and we can't go wrong!
Take it away!

The story behind the song ... page 3 in this article
Powerful in Pink





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Our Heartfelt Appreciation to
Nathalie Lemieux and Dean Chan
for generously hosting our
team website
for many years


BreastStrokes is pleased to present Charitable Gaming. Community Good.

This new brand name and logo represents the good works in part,
that happen locally as a result of
our participation in
Charitable Gaming through the
Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre.

self stor

Thank You
for being one of our Supporters!

Donation of storage space for our team
- equipment,
\ and
- supplies

Thank You
for being
a Supporter!

Lindsey and
Ellenor Mayot,


for donation of
storage space
and repairs for our dragon boat
and trailer

Sincerest Thank You to the McClintock Family
for their support, by permitting our team
to moor at the Puslinch Lake site
during our dragon boat summer seasons
Our Heartfelt Appreciation to the
Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo
for their generous donation in 2012 which helped the
team buy its boat Dragonfly in 2013